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Show me that you’re human,you won’t break,
Cause we’re all broken,we all end up alone



one of the most adorable moments in the series

Beast boy and cyborg drop everything to make sure that Starfire is comfortable telling jokes. They don’t care that they missed the context, laugh along to make her comfortable, then proceed to make asses of themselves JUST so she can have a good laugh too and feel like she BELONGS.

And that is one of many examples of why the original teen titans series was seriously well fucking written as it showed a very HUMAN kind of emotion, feeling like you don’t fit in and watching a joke go wrong and people not finding you funny, then getting to laugh because the people you chose to open up to were caring enough to make fucking sure you felt like you belonged just for a bit.

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いろいろ3 | SAGUAPlease do not remove source


いろいろ3 | SAGUA
Please do not remove source

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"That hurt, you idiot!"
"I’m driving some spirit into you!"

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Tsukiyama before going to bed {x}

Tsukiyama before going to bed {x}

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